Tees Valley

Tees Valley Tourism Alliance C.I.C. Aims

Our vision is to create a private lead initiative that works together on the promotion and wellbeing of the Tees Valley and surrounding area. Having a more holistic approach to the surrounding area than a Government organisation means we can develop relationships and enhance the Tees Valley and surrounding area through a digital presence. Therefore, two websites are to be developed.

www.teesvalleytourismalliance.co.uk is for subscribers to the TVTA membership and who will receive newsletters, information and promotion. www.discoverteesvalley.co.uk is our visitor tourism website displaying the whole region, advertising businesses and providing links and information of “what’s on and where”.

We intend to work in partnership with like-minded organisations for the greater good of the area. The two Tees Valley websites will have distinct branding developed by E-Strands Ltd, a creative design agency with a history of tourism in the area.

Our aims include-
• developing a positive impression of Tees Valley locally, nationally, and globally
• generating and enhancing the economy of the area,
• promoting jobs
• keeping trade local
• developing the history, spiritual, culture and artists’ voices to the world
• creating this through a highly technical and attractive digital presence.


By describing the voice of the area, we intend to bring the passionate people of Tees Valley together within a community that brings out the true quality of life in our beautiful region. We can produce tangible and measurable economic values to the area by-

• generating jobs in the tourism and services industry,
• encouraging businesses to work better together,
• promoting and expanding the Tees Valley experience for tourism and residents,
• displaying innovation from local businesses and people in the Tees Valley. 


The TVTA will align their goals and vision alongside other organisations within the area. The organisations that align their business model around the goals and vision of the TVTA will also benefit from the partnership through increased exposure and revenue.

Organisation Structure

TVTA will set up a social entrepreneurial organisation in the next month with limited stakeholders. The stakeholders will then elect a board of local businesses that will share the same vision to promote the Tees Valley tourism economy. In time, the members will be able to vote for the board members but the stakeholders will still have the power to elect the board. This methodology will mean the stakeholders will control the governance.

 TVTA will look at the pricing over the next few weeks and develop a business plan to move forward. The governance structure will be that of a Community Interest Company (CIC) to lock any assets raised or given to provide transparency about the way forward.  

Committee members would include people who are passionate about the respective areas such as:

Heritage Culture and Arts
Business Groups
Visitor representatives
LEP or Council
Community Action Groups

Limited specialist consultants will advise the stakeholders and committee to develop the core elements of the TVTA.

Members would be any organisation that pay the yearly fee to help promote the area through the TVTA.

Stakeholders are the owners and executives of TVTA. 

Definitions of Roles

Stakeholder- Entrepreneurial founder of the alliance.
Committee – Organisations or individuals that have the same goals and vision for the Tees Valley.
Consultant – Specialist experts within the core elements or fields required to develop the TVTA
Non-Exec/Partner – Organisations or individuals that would be part of the ambassador program
Members – Fully paid up organisations or individuals that want to be part of the Tees Valley Tourism Alliance C.I.C. for the benefit of their business and the area. 

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